jackfruit1Last 17th September 2016, I followed my brother, his wife and his son back to Philippines. We went to Wao Lanao Del Sur a province where my sister in law used to grow up before. Up to date that is my fourth time I have been there. I always looking forward to go back to my sister in law province whenever she ask me to come along with her. The place is cooling as it is surrounded with hills and it give a beautiful view of nature.

We took off from Changi Airport and landed in Francisco Bangoy International Airport. That airport is located in Davao and that is the first time for my brother and I to land in that airport. Previously we always landed in Laguindingan Airport which is located in Cagayan De Oro. From Francisco Bangoy International Airport we took a taxi after we have negotiate the fare with the driver. The journey took us almost 5 hours ride. We find it that travel from Davao to Wao Lanao Del Sur is much more faster compared to from Cagayan De Oro to Wao Lanao Del Sur.

jackfruit2We reached home almost 7 in the morning. My sister in law mother prepare coffee and bread for breakfast and we took a rest after breakfast. Around mid morning while we were resting, one my sister in law sibling came by to the house and bring something for us. She brought Jack fruit for us to eat. The Jack fruit is big and the size is almost my body size as you can see the picture shown. In my entire life, this is the biggest Jack fruit I have ever seen. The taste is sweet and you can’t finish it alone at one go. Now I am looking forward to go back to Wao Lanao Del Sur again for more surprises.