Travel Experience in Perth

Reaching Perth

Not too long ago I share my post about Holiday in Perth on my another blog which is on Sam Salleh. It is just a brief post on some of my activities in Perth. There are some post I have yet to publish it on Sam Salleh and also Travel Relieve Stress. However this is the link to the post about Holiday in Perth if you would like to read about it. In this post will be more about my personal travel experience around Perth, Western Australia.

I was in Perth, Western Australia from 5th of March to 9th of March 2017. This holiday is a generous treat from my uncle to me and my younger brother. I had always wanted to visit to Australia and doesn’t really matter which part as long it is Australia. This is because I always heard lots of stories saying good thing about Australia. To be exact Perth is on travel bucket list and coincidence I got this travel treat from my uncle.

Nasi Lemak for breakfast in Perth Western Australia

Flight from Singapore to Perth took us 5 hours and 10 minutes. Upon arriving Perth, I find that the immigration was quite strict in terms of health and foods that you brought in. I was been told if a person who found to be sick will be deport back to their country and whatever foods you brought in have to declare with the immigration. I feel that this kind of measure the government took is quite good. No wonder I hardly heard any of such epidemic outbreak in any part of Australia.

During my stay in Perth, I notice that most of the food were quite costly. On average the price of food can cost between AUD$8 to AUD$16 per meal. There are some places do sell food that are less costly such as Subway

One of the buses in Perth

and some other fast food restaurant. Even though the food consider costly, the portion you got for your food is worthwhile that it will really make you feel full. In fact you could even share your food with someone. On top of that what you pay for are basically the quality of the food.

Apart from the strictness of immigration and the cost of food, the most important factor I love the most is the friendliness of accessibility for the wheelchair person. The pavement for pedestrian was wheelchair friendly even though there are curbs but it is still possible for wheelchair to overcome and maneuver. Apart from the pavement, I notice all the buses are wheelchair friendly and the ramp are open automatically. It is not steep for wheelchair to board and alight the buses.

Bus fares consider quite expensive but there are some buses do offer free bus ride and it is applicable in the free zone

Catching sunset at the beach.

area. You can always check with the locals or even the bus drivers to be sure if the ride is free or not. Before you go somewhere, do check with the locals about the distance. This is because if it is nearby, you could take a walk which will save your traveling expenses. Alternatively if you have a driving license, you could rent a car but you need to book it 1 week in advance.

There are so much more to experience in Perth and in fact this is one of the most convenience place for physically challenged as most of the places are wheelchair friendly in Perth. I really feel totally independent when moving around in Perth and in fact for any physically challenged on wheelchair is not a wrong choice of place for holiday. Perth is one of the recommended place for all physically challenged especially on wheelchair.