Pearl International Hotel

This is our room for 2 people. It has 2 bed and it is well maintained.

27th November 2016 there is an event I need to attend at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Therefore I brought one of my team members along to attend together with me. Since I be going to Kuala Lumpur via bus, I have decided to stay over for 1 night only. Therefore I am in KL from 26th to 27th November. The booking was been arranged by my upline. As usual this post was not being endorsed by the hotel nor am I getting paid for it.

Pearl International hotel receive numerous awards and compliments

Pearl International Hotel is where we checked into. I was been told that the hotel is a 4 star hotel. It seems that the hotel has received numerous complimentary award from various corporate and organizations. Upon receiving the key, I quickly check into my room to settle down with my team member who is co-share with me. When I stepped into the room, I am quite pleased with the room as it is clean and well maintained. Therefore I could settle in comfortably.

The toilet are clean and well maintained too. The floor tiles are not slippery but always stay caution for own safety.

The toilet equip with the basic toiletries necessity such as soap, shampoo and others. Hand towel and towel are also provided.

There is a plus point about the room. I did not know until my team member who shared room with me told me about it. He spot on the ceiling there a marking of direction for a Muslim should face when he or she performing their prayers. This little thing really does help for the Muslim as it make thing easy for us. In other words, we don’t have to trouble ourselves by finding the direction for our prayers. I must say I am quite impressed by this.

After looking through the room, it is time to check out the toilet. The toilet have all the basic toiletries necessity such as toothpaste, soap and shampoo. It is well arranged and the condition of the toilet is quite clean and well maintained. However the toilet is not friendly for the physically challenged and senior citizen for showering. This is because to shower he or she has to get into the bathtub. Therefore these group of people can’t be left alone as extra assistance and monitoring are required.

This is the bathtub that less friendly for senior citizen and physically challenged guest. Therefore they need extra attention.

The room is equipped with WiFi but the signal was not that strong. The best time to use WiFi is during the night time. This may due too many guests tapping the signal during the day. Even though the WiFi signal may not be that strong, at least it is available as internet has become our primary necessity nowadays. Even though there are some downside for this hotel, it does not really make this hotel really look bad because it has something to it.

This is one of the amenities can be found within this hotel. Too bad didn’t manage to check it out. Kenny Rogers restaurant happen to be next to this coffee house.

The good thing about this hotel is it has a convenient facility or amenities in it and around it. Within the hotel or I would say beside the hotel there are departmental stores for the guest to shop. There are some electronics stores around whereby you could buy gadgets and accessories. There is a bookstore by the name of Popular can be found there. There are few more which I didn’t manage to explore. Most important thing is there are couple of cafes and restaurants can be found within the hotel.

Breakfast is included in this hotel as it is came with the package. Honestly there nothing special about the breakfast being served in buffet style. However what I been told is that this hotel is the type of health cautious. The chef prepare the food by ensuring sugar and salt are not too much. Fried food must not be too oily. More fruits and vegetables are being served too. My first time encounter such healthy hotel.

In my point of view as a physically challenged person, Pearl International Hotel considered good to stay hotel. The only downside to this hotel is the toilet only. The amenities around the hotel are wheelchair friendly as you can get around easily. So this hotel will be on my recommended hotel in the list. Hopefully I can make comeback again for more review on this hotel.