World Traveler

hot-sauceLast 27th October 2016, my younger brother just came back from Perth, Australia for 1 week holiday. He went there with our uncle. Our uncle recently decided to retire from his job in Changi Airport and since he is quite free, he decided to go to Perth with his good friend from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and bring my brother along. I found that our uncle choose to go to Perth because flight ticket to Perth is cheap. He bought the ticket from Malindo Air.

My younger brother always have this habit whereby when ever he travel to any country, he always hunt for caps for himself. Of course he always bought something for me, our sister and our mother. As a saying goes, family come first. However he bought something very interesting. World Traveler Hot Sauce Collection. A box consist of 15 hot sauce from 15 different country/state. Below is the list of countries/state where this hot sauce came from:

  1. Sydney
  2. Lousianna
  3. Jamaica
  4. Spain
  5. India
  6. Cuba
  7. Kenya
  8. Hawaii
  9. Brazil
  10. China
  11. Egypt
  12. California
  13. Turkey
  14. Thailand
  15. Mexico

We were planning to try each sauce with some food such as pizza, fried chicken or anything. We were planning to make a video on it and share our experiences on what it taste like and which kind of food will goes well with. The video will be upload on YouTube. I am really looking forward for this experience.