Flight ticket cost me a bomb

This year 2017 I have plans on traveling to London and meet up my best friend Shaifulbahri who is working there currently as Theater Practitioner. Planning on budget is always a must thing to do before travel. Budget such as flight ticket, accommodation and daily expenses including transportation needs. To kick start with I go online to check on the prices for the flight ticket. I wanted to look for something different airline that offer something different. This is what I found online that really shocked me.

Boeing 737 will be entirely for you only if you take up this service.

2 way ticket from Singapore to London and vice versa would cost me USD$677,800! You read it right, USD$677,800 for 2 way ticket. The price is crazy isn’t it. Yes it is so super expensive because it is so super exclusive. It is super exclusive because the entire plane or jet just charter for you ONLY. Imagine you are in Boeing Business Jet 737 and in the plane it just only you and all the service attention to you and no one else. This is because there is no other passenger and it just only you in the jet.

I just learn that there such flight service much more better than business class and first class. I would rather call it as high class flight because the flight service is privately charter just for you only. You can literally sit in any seats you want and in fact you can run around the jet after take off. The check in will be fast cause it just you only and you will be the first to board and alight the jet. There so much more about this private charter flight service. These service are meant for those who have lot of money to splurge at and in other words this service also suitable for high net worth individual.

I may not be a high net worth individual for now but I will make my dream come true by flying in super exclusive flight with style. At least I will get the experience on the service being offered and what it feel like to travel in more private environment. This shall add on to my travel bucket list.

Cebu Pacific Airlines

Cebu Pacific cabin crew and pilot

Photo of me with cabin crew and the pilot

Up to date I have been to Philippines for 7 times. For that number of times, I have tried a few airlines that fly to Philippines. All the airlines that I fly with are budget airlines. Therefore I have decided to give my honest review on one of the airlines I fly with recently, Cebu Pacific Air. For disclaimer purposes this review is not being sponsored by Cebu Pacific.

On September 2016, my brother, my sister in law, my nephew and I travel to Philippines for the purpose of visiting my sister in law family in province. My brother decided to choose Cebu Pacific Air as his first choice. Flying with Cebu Pacific is convenient because it fly to every part of the Philippines and consider one of the common airlines in Philippines.

Personally I have fly with Cebu Pacific 4 times. To be exact I started to use their service since 2015 as my brother who suggested to use this airlines over other airlines. To be honest I am very happy with their services. The crews are friendly and very helpful especially when they attend to the elderly and physically challenged.

Base on my personal experiences with Cebu Pacific Air, I am very pleased with their services from checking in, boarding and upon arrival. In fact for me who is physically challenged since birth, I do feel comfortable to travel by myself to Philippines cause I know that I will be in good care with Cebu Pacific cabin crew.

So far taking off from Singapore to any part of Philippines there are no flight delays and in fact the flight always on time or 10 minutes earlier. The delay usually happen in one of the few airports in Philippines. The delay due to the busyness of the other airports. Overall I enjoy flying with Cebu Pacific and I recommend this airline to be your first choice flight when you travel to Philippines.