A’Famosa Resort


A’Famosa Resort located in Malacca, Malaysia

On 27th and 28th August 2016, I have a team building and leadership convention to attend to. It is held in Malacca, Malaysia. The convention was conducted at a resort, A’Famosa Resort. Therefore I have to put 2 days 1 night in that resort. Before I continue with this post, I need to make a disclaimer. I not being paid or endorsed for this post. All the contents are base on my personal experience.

This event came with breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is served at the restaurant just below the meeting room and it is served in the buffet style. Honestly all the food that we tasted so far there is nothing special to it. So we don’t really looking forward to it. The only thing that we find it is not too bad are basically western cuisine. We tasted the lamb chop and find it satisfactory cause the meat was well prepared and easy to chew. As for the sauce it was nice. Overall for the food rating I will say it is fair and nothing that fantastic at all.

Room and Services
After we got our room keys from our event facilitator, we go straight to our room. To enter the room there a little curb at the doorstep. That cause very little unfriendliness for those who are on wheelchair like me. The room was spacious and you are allowed to smoke inside the room. In the room there are 2 toilets for us to use which is 1 for you to take shower and the other is for us to do our private business. The room for private business is very small and the floor is considered quite slippery as they using wall tiles as the floor tiles.

I would suggest not too draw open the curtain cause you may have unpleasant viewing outside your room. I was unlucky for my room facing to unfinished construction site. Apart from that, the room has super weak WiFi signal. It is so weak that only 1 person able to log in. I did ask some feedback from other participants who attend the same convention as me. Depend on which floor your room located, there are no WiFi signal at all.

In the room there is a food menu for the guest to order their food. I plan to try the food even though I am still full from my meal. Therefore my room mate happen to be my younger brother and I order some food. We place our order with the room service close to 11pm. We waited for almost 45 minutes and our food have not arrived. Give a call to them and they apologized for the delay due too many orders. Room service did mention that our food will arrive 30 to 45 minutes. Well we waited for quite sometime till we fell asleep. Anyway I include a link to my YouTube video. The video is on the room tour.