7 medication must have when travel

When you are traveling for work or leisure, it is strongly encourage for you to pack something for emergency that is medicine. You wouldn’t want to disrupt your travel moment and fun by yourself or with your travel companion. In this article we will share our thoughts on what kind of medication you need to pack before you travel.

Long term medications
If you are on any long-term medications (e.g. for high blood pressure or diabetes), it is important to visit your physician to get enough or extra supply for the duration of the trip.

Motion sickness tablets are one of the most common medicines one should have, especially when the trip involves long flights, boat rides or land transfers. These medications include dimenhydrinate and cinnarizine, which may cause drowsiness.

Non-drowsy alternatives include ginger tablets or travel sickness bands that are available in pharmacies.

Little sniffles and the like
Paracetamol or ibuprofen can come in handy when you need relief for slight headaches, pain or fever. For individuals with minor food, pollen or dust allergies, antihistamines may be the perfect solution when you’re traveling.

Besides, antihistamines can also provide relief from runny nose. Throat lozenges are useful when relieving sore throat or a dry cough.

When traveling, always remember to bring along anti-diarrhoeal medicines, especially when visiting places with poor sanitation.

Charcoal tablets and pharmacy-only medications like loperamide or diphenoxylate/atropine can alleviate diarrhoea, or stop unnecessary bowel movements.

When taking such medications, remember to replenish the salts and water lost through vomiting or frequent watery stools!

Customised medicine for country you are traveling to
Before your trip, research on the country you’re visiting and find out if there are infectious diseases in those areas. Then, consult a doctor or pharmacist for recommendations on the suitable medications you will need.

Per doctor advise
You may wish to consult your doctor for other essential medications that are required, for instance, vaccination, and hormone tablets for ladies.

It is hence important that you see a doctor before your trip and obtain medications for any relevant health problems.

First aid & lotion
Overseas trips are always hard to predict – bringing along a mini first aid kit will have you prepared when you or your travel companions get minor cuts and blisters.

If you’re all out to bask in the sun, remember to protect your skin by applying sunblock with the right SPF. Aloe Vera gel or moisturisers can also be used on sunburn areas to soothe the pain.

Frequent Flyer to Philippines

Miles for frequent flyer to Philippines

Miles for frequent flyer to Philippines

If you have been frequently flying to Philippines, you should do something about it so that you could save more and spend less. Not many people are aware about it therefore this information shall be share with you. There a disclaimer has to be made in this post whereby neither me as the author/blogger nor Travel Relieve Stress is/are being paid for such endorsement for this post.

Philippines is not the first country that I travel to but it is my first time to travel there in 2013 with my best friend. The first time I landed in Philippines, my heart feel so connected. In that year alone I been to Philippines for 3 times. Then in 2015 I traveled to Philippines twice and twice again in 2016. Earlier this year 2016 that I have decided to take a little bit serious to my traveling.

I have been thinking if I were to travel to Philippines frequently, are there any ways that I could do to make it cost saving on my flight cost? I make some online research and found an interesting information that will benefit to those who travel frequently especially to Philippines. The information which I found are basically discussing about mileage points or miles in short.

To put it simple is basically when I have mileage points, I could redeem it for flight ticket at a discounted rate or for free. However to enjoy such privileges, you must be a member of those airlines that gave such privileges. Currently there are quite number of airlines does provide such privileges.

Through my research I have found 2 airlines miles program. I am referring to Philippines Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air. The name of membership are as follow, Mabuhay Miles and GetGo. Of course there are other miles programs that are available too. For me I go for either these 2 programs because the Philippines airline and Cebu Pacific goes to main airport in Philippines and also domestic airports in Philippines.

Not all major airlines goes to the domestic airport therefore you need to take other airlines as your connecting flight. You may or may not earn those miles points for those connecting flight for other miles program. So if you frequently fly to Philippines, consider go for Mabuhay Miles or Get Go. If you already have an existing miles program, that is good for you and you could consider of having an additional miles program to your travel adventures.

Money Changer


Money changer in Lucky Plaza

Every time when you going to travel out of your country, one of the things you should do is to change your money from current currency to another currency. This is what you could do to help you benefit more.

Check out currency rates via online
Assuming you have already plan your budget for travel. Before you go to money changer and change the intended currency, log into internet and check out what is the current exchange rate. Be sure to check out the rates at least 1 month before your travel date. By doing so you could make some adjustment to your budget. If 1 month is too early for you, alternatively you could check out the rates 1-2 weeks before your travel date.

Inquire with few money changers
After you know what is the exchange rate, then you could start to go to money changers. Strongly recommended to go to a place such as shopping mall whereby there are few money changers in 1 place. Go to few money changers and make some inquiries. Don’t ask about the rate as every money changer will give same reply but ask how much you will get for x amount of money.

Change with the best rate
For example you want to change 1000 Singapore dollar to Philippines pesos and you inquire few money changers about the rates. Money changer A give 30,000 peso, money changer B give 30,500 peso and money changer C give 31,000 peso. So you choose the money changer that give you the highest rates. Lower charges from money changer, the higher rate you will get.

Sit back and relax

Things you could do to have a pleasant flight

Things you could do to have a pleasant flight

We want to be as comfortable as possible during short or long flight. This is what you have to do before you recline your seat and set off to dreamland.

Be mindful by checking out who is behind your seats. You never know your fellow passengers is trying to reach for his bag or has hot drinks on his table. What if behind you is a little child. Due to your silly actions, his or her little fingers may get pinched which will surely cause that child to howl. When that happen everyone nearby you will get mad at you.

Be polite by letting the passengers behind you know that you’re about to recline your seat. If you are seated behind a reclined seat and you need some space, politely ask the passengers in front of you to adjust his or her seat slightly. Being polite at all times will help you and other fellow passengers to have a pleasant flight.

Be sure to book your seat at the emergency exit if you ever need extra legroom. This can be done during the time you book flight ticket via online or over the counter.