Our founder Sam Salleh who is a physically challenged person was inspired by tourists from all over the world that came to visit Singapore either for work or leisure. He has dream to see the world someday despite knowingly that there be a lot of challenges facing ahead of him such as finances and accessibility. That does not stop him to begin his travel journey.

During his childhood years, he ever travel before with his parents and relatives to certain parts of Malaysia and Indonesia for holiday. There are nothing much significant for him to take note of. The only significant for him was he travel to South Korea for an event APEC IT CAMP youth with disabilities. He went there together with his physically challenged peers to represent Singapore.

Back in 2013, he started to travel with his friend for holiday and they decided to go to Philippines. That is their first time to travel there. There is one such occasion in that same year he ever travel alone to Philippines. Subsequently he found himself travel frequently to Malaysia and Philippines as years go by.

He had ever experience good and bad during his travel and he realize that the kind of experience he had could help other people especially for physically challenged person when they are traveling outside their country. This is how Travel Relieve Stress was established for that purpose.